Can adding multiple disc be made simpler

Can adding multiple discs be made more simpler

Maybe, what do you suggest?

Wish I knew, sometines when selecting the option you dont always get all the tracks.

I just realised that this is a question about the mobile app. The technique I talk about below is for Windows. I’ll check later to see if this also works with the mobile app.

This is always a bit of a challenge. The technique that I use is:

Create a temporary folder if you don’t have one already and switch to that.
Note down the number of tracks on each disc and their combined total.

Scan the barcode and look for search results that have a dropdown box with multiple items. Try to select any results which have separate disc numbers, or any that have a single disc with the number of tracks noted earlier. Select these and add as a multi-disc entry.

If that doesn’t give you the results you want, then use the tab “Add by Catalog No”. You may get some more useful results there. Type in the catalog number that’s on the spine or back of the disc.

Note. It won’t matter If you select a lot of results and add them all at once, as multiple discs. You should end up with at least one disc that has the correct tracks. Move it to your main folder and delete the rest.