Can I add fields to Quick Search box pull down

V23.3.5 is there any way to add a non-user defined field to the pull down?

Sorry that is not configurable.

Have you tried using Folders instead, then using the search box top LEFT?

Thanks, I did see a FAQ about using Folders, not my fav, but I see how it works. If I need real complex searches I generally export to a spreadsheet and work from there.

Thanks for the reply. I do find it interesting that any user defined fields are added to Quick search. I guess I could add one and populate it with the same info as in Format, might not be worth the extra keystrokes.

Have you tried playing around with menu Search > Filters and create your own filter that way? Maybe that gives you an “in” into more complex searches that you need!

Yes I have used filters, sometimes the available options aren’t right for the actual results I want but will use what’s available to create a view that I then export to xls, but that’s probably only 20% of the time. Otherwise filters work well. An option for the Comparison item that would be helpful “does NOT contain”.

Here’s the manual on how to use filters:

There is a “NOT” you can put on a filter line.

The “not” filter can be tricky to apply, but clicking and holding shift, then arrow down will allow you to select two filters and apply a “not” to it.