Can I/ How do I merge two different books databases?

All -

I made two different Books databases, one for, well, books, and the other for my audiobooks, which includes collections of old time radio shows, Doctor Who and related audio plays, older BBC audio shows, etc. etc. I keep them different because they are wildly different formats (paper v. cassette, CD, and even some LP) that I keep in different locations.

So - questions:
1 - I can only upload one of these databases to the cloud, which seems a bit unfair. So, can I merge these two databases?
2 - If the answer to #1 is Yes, then how do I do it?
3 - in a different post, you mention that the database can have tabs - that was a surprise to me. How do I work with tabs to separate audiobooks from non-audio books? Will the tabs all update to the cloud?

… um, those are all the questions I can think but I might have some follow-up depending on the answer/s to these questions.


You can find out about merging database files into 1 database with separate collections here:

The subcollection tabs will appear in the bottom of the screen, and when you sync that database to CLZ Cloud, it will also sync those subcollections as subcollections.

Check it out and see if it works for you!

I did check it out and it works great. DBs are synch all over the place here! Thanks!

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