Can I print a list of Kindle Books read, and not read

Printed out my list of Kindle Books, no problem. With increased number of Kindle books purchased, I was just wondering whether it is possible if I could create two lists, one of those for Kindle books ‘Read’, where I have put ‘Yes’. And thus secondly, for those not yet read, where I have put ‘No’?

Yeah that should be no problem.

I’m assuming you’re printing to PDF on your Cloud?

If so:
Use the folder button top left, to change the folder to “Read It”
Then click the “NO” folder, select all books inside, print to PDF and you have a Read It: NO list.

Do the same for the “Yes” folder!

Finally got there, I thought.

However whilst I seemingly get a total of Read - ‘Yes or No’ which I could then print to PDF, these totals are for ALL Formats and I cannot seem to specifically limit it to Kindle books read, yes and no.

Ah, okay, so what you want to do is this: create a multi level folder setting. Grouping first by “Format” (so you can select Kindle), then by “Read it” (so you can select Yes, or No!)

Here’s how:

  1. Click the Folder button top left again
  2. Click “Manage Favorites”
  3. Click the blue PLUS button to create a new folder setting.
  4. Now first select FORMAT
  5. As second folder, select READ
  6. Save it.

Now open your “Kindle” folder, then click on YES or NO
Then select all books and print to PDF.

I made a video on how to do it as well:

Is that what you’re looking for?

Superb, thankyou.

Yes that was what I was looking for.

Quite easy when you know how.

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