Can not add a book

When I try to add any book to the application, it will not let me close the app. I hit x to close the window and it just sits there. i have to force close it from the task manager to open it.

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Is this still happening for you? It kinda sounds like the program just crashed.

Could you video this for me? You can record your screen via this website:

You can send me the file(s) via:

This is happening to me too. Has been for a couple days now.

If I select an issue and press Add Comics I get this blank screen instead of what I clicked on.

For the past couple of days the Add Comics dialog has not been working correctly.

If I select an issue and press Add Comics I get this blank screen instead of what I clicked on.


If I wait about a minute or click another tab and come back I get content:


If I click the X to close, or use the Drop Down context menu to close, or Hit F4 nothing happens.


You have to either hard-close the application from the Task manager or wait a couple minutes at which point the screen flashes momentarily and starts responding to close attempts again.

It is as though there is a web request running either slow or waiting to timeout that is blocking and preventing the thread from responding.

On the bottom of your screen, do you see “Hot key is already registered” because mine will be like that for a minute and then it will select whatever is current I can close the screen.

I wanted to update with what I am seeing now. On the bottom of the add window screen I see “Hot Key is already registered” in red letters. If I wait a minute, it will disappear and I will get my selection of comics I can add. I can now close the window too.

Screenshot 2024-03-30 153451

Do you run any other Collectorz software at the same time as Comic Collector?

(Try rebooting your computer, then only start Comic Collector and see if that makes it any better please).

If not, you may want to contact us through so we can dive into this a bit further as this seems to really be a local computer issue.

That goes for fletchergary too.

The program has not been changed/updated, so if this is suddenly happening, it must be something on the computer (our servers are running fine). It might be local firewall/antivirus/router/VPN, all the stuff that can be trouble for Comic Collector Windows.

We have one user at support, who is reporting similar problems.

As AJ said, the Comic Collector software has not been updated for quite a while, so if this problem suddenly occurs for multiple users, there must be some outside factor that causes this. Let’s try to find out what it is.

  • did anything change on your computer lately?
  • installed an update of other software?
  • installed a Windows update?

Here’s what it looks like for me:

  • I click the Add button
  • It opens the Add screen and will immediately search the series I had open, this takes a while.
  • Then I can just click around and it seems to work.

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No reboots, no patches or anything since the 12th at which point I had a fully patched OS. I had been actively using the software regularly each day for the past two weeks and it has been very responsive until the 28th. Whatever happened was not caused by a restart or even restarting the app as I observed the behavior in the evening of the 28th. Additionally, I have whitelisted the executable, the application folder, and the data folder with Windows Defender to rule out Windows built in Antivirus definition updates being a problem. Whatever the problem though I doubt very much it was local. I had Spy++ running and logging calls to the network stack, file system, and registry and nothing out of the ordinary appeared. My CPU was less than 5%. Further, it appears we both began exhibiting symptoms at EXACTLY the same time.

As of this evening the software appears to be responsive again.

Ah, so the problem has gone away?