Can’t seem to find Alpha Flight Annual 1 and 2 in my collection

Title says it all…I have added both but cannot find either under my collection

First thing to do is check if a filter is on. In the app, maybe you have a search active, or a collection status filter?

Collection status filter:
In the top bar of the app, check the 2nd button from the top right. Is that a brightly colored button, e.g. yellow, or green, or red? That indicates that you have a collection status filter active. To disable the filter, tap that button and select “All” from the dropdown menu.

If it did not work, can you show me a full screenshot of the app’s main screen on your device?

Did you sync with CLZ Cloud already? (because I’ve checked there and I also do not see them in your CLZ Cloud). Please sync with CLZ Cloud now so that I can check your data and see if the comics ended up somewhere else!

When you try adding them again, in the Add Comics screen does it seem they’re already there? (I’m thinking they might, somehow, ended up in a different series).

I cannot find them in your CLZ Cloud database either.

Looks like I never added them…I actually can’t find them under search

If you add them now, you do see them?

I can’t find them in the database to add to my collection

Hi @Spaldingclan , I understand. It was actually under “Alpha Flight, Vol. 2 Annuals”

I’ve fixed it now: find them under:

Alpha Flight, Vol. 1 Annual
Alpha Flight, Vol. 2 Annual

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That did it!

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