Can you see what’s added already when searching/scanning?

Hi there,

Maybe I’m missing something. Can I not see if something is in my library or wishlist already if I scan the barcode or do a search? Or do I have to add it to get the duplicate warning to find out?

Thank you!!

Games that are already in your collection are highlighted in blue. Ones on your wishlist are highlighted in orange.

Where do I see the highlights? These are in my library

Here’s what it looks like for me for 3 scans, where for 2 of them I already have them “in collection”

By Barcode:

By Title:

When I check your CLZ Cloud, I do not see Perfect Dark Zero in your collection with that barcode. (I don’t see any version of Perfect Dark Zero in your collection)

Are you sure you already have it in your collection?

(I also see you have 2 collections, are you sure you’re looking in the right collection?)

Your screenshots make sense. I’m going to scan a few more and see if it’s just a different barcode issue.

As for collection I should only have one.

Thanks for help!

Indeed, I noticed one in your Cloud, but it was an old one that should not have been there - I’ve taken care of that now. Let me know if you have any further issues with this!


I think I figured out the issue or design. When I search it seems it goes straight to the region cover art selection so I can’t see the colour coding collection status unless I tap back and see the item.

Have to tap back then I can see.


The color coding when viewing all editions of a game is only done on the specific edition you own (so the barcode should be highlighted, you just have to scroll to it).

But… I think it would be good to also highlight the title at the top there - so I’m putting that on our to-do list!

Perfect! That would solve my use case 100% thank u