Canceled titles, does anyone know a way to track them?

Over the past few years I’ve had three series that seemed to have disappeared off the radar. Then I’ll get an email from my online shop about an order cancelation and usually the reason is just “canceled” or “canceled by publisher”.

These happen to be:

  • Deadbox
  • Unnatural: Blue Blood
  • A Picture of Everything Else

These titles hung around in the order for years until finally having the plug pulled. What titles have been canceled on you?

Is canceled gone for good? Will it be resolicited?

Do you have a news source or way to keep your finger on the pulse of comics news to know if a title might get canned?

Please share your tips and/or laments.

the only way is to follow the creators on the social channels.

and even then, its not easy to find.

Mark Russell on X: “@chesire2050 @thevaultcomics @HackinTimSeeley @JimZub @AddisonDuke @JuliusOhta @Dev_pramanik__ @cullenbunn @sally_cantirino @deezoid @gmartcomics The individual issues are not going to be released. I wonder if your LCS will return your payment or apply it to a trade? If not, let me know and I will make sure you get to read issues 4 and 5 without having to pay twice for them.” / X (

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