Cannot post a specific forum site

For some reason when I try to list a blu-ray movie that needs a correction, I cannot post a blu ray dot com link. That site is very useful in helping you guys help us people. Did that site ask you to stop linking to them?

We did not block links to a website, but new users are limited to post a certain amount of links (any web-link). We’ve upped that limit now! So please feel free to try again. Thanks for reporting this issue.


I think the purpose of this forum is to attach links when possible, especially when I have to post a Core related issue.

We fully agree.

I have run out of credits again after posting TWO links in the Movies/Core forums.

Hi @MrKrawk , we’ve upped the limit a bit more, and I’ve also changed your status to go up from new user to “member” so you should have no problems posting links anymore. Let me know if you run into anything else.

Thanks. Hopefully that will be the end all fix all :slight_smile:

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Good! Of course do let me know if you run into any other issues :slight_smile:

@MrKrawk I have to ask though, are these links necessary for reporting the missing barcodes?

I am asking because you are posting links to and that is one of our competitors. So I’d rather not help them by having links to their site all over our forum.

Fair enough. I can do alternate links when possible…

Maybe links are not needed at all?

Perhaps a content manager could chime in on this — do any links help at all when doing a build? I mean, I’m sure they’re all pretty smart and resourceful.
But would a link to say Kino Lorber or Crunchyroll help?

We have Google :slight_smile: