Cant add

i cant add the beekeeper to the system 5709165567926 even if i can see the movie even if i
try all work around

What happens if you try to add this one?

It can see it but i cant do more then presse the buttom nothing more

Sorry, but I don’t understand.

I can scan the movie but that is how far i get

After scanning the movie, you click the Add button bottom right.

And if you can’t do that, you are really going to provide some screenshots of the problem.

Dont worry it works now after the code has bin ther all works so now it works but when the code was ther not it did not work

Okay so it works now… after the code… has bin ther?
What does that mean?

Maybe we should just leave it at this.

It works now i dont now why i could not before now it works