Can't merge albums into multi-disc albums

Can’t merge albums into multi-disc albums…What is meant with “the tirangle or " plus icon”?

If you want to merge existing albums that you have in your collection into “1 single album”, here’s how:

You can combine/merge separate albums into “one album with multiple discs”.

  1. Just tap and hold to select the albums,
  2. Tap ACTION
  3. Then select MERGE from the menu button.
  4. Now select which album you wish to merge them to.

Sorry, don’t understand this. Maybe my English is not sufficient. I’m aged too: 76

Hi @Kinks1966

I now noticed that your question is about the Windows version, but this was posted in the mobile app forum.

I’m moving your post now.

For Windows, these are the instructions:

And there’s also a video you can check out: