Is there a way to enable read from cd-text when adding a new CD via the Read CD tab?

I have a bluray rewriter and a dvd rewriter attached to my PC, but when I try to add from either I get a message at the bottom left of the popup in red saying “error initialising cd-text” and another error that says “Hot key is already registered”

I’ve wondered this too. The option for CDText is enabled, but I’ve used dozens of DVD drives over the year, and every version since 2011, and it’s never once worked. No hardship though, as the online database has become more accurate over the years, and if a CD had CDText, it’s likely to be in there anyway (unless it’s home made, naturally).

… or unless it’s new, which is my main issue, especially as Discogs is now a lot slower to add releases than it used to be.

The “hot key already registered” error is usually happening if another version or another Collectorz program is open. Is that the case for you? Nothing to worry about though, the program can work with that error there. It has nothing to do with CDTEXT though.

CDTEXT reading does not work in the 64-bit version of the software.
You need to install the 32-bit version.

Here’s how:

  • download the full installer from your account at and install from there.
  • while installing on the step that asks which version to install, choose the 32-BIT version.