Change audience rating icon?

Hello! So I updated all my movie’s audience rating, by US region, as most of my movies are US. However, I have some imports as well, but now those ratings show for example ‘R’ instead of ‘16’. Is there a way to change an entry manually AND apply the associated rating icon as well??? Sorry, hard to explain. But I simply want each movie to show an icon/logo of the correct rating. However, I also want the imports to show the local rating icon too. I have the movies connect/collector tools as well. Speaking of which, how the heck do I change an icon or add custom icons so that they show up in CLZ mobile app too?? Here’s a screenshot (renfield is an import). Thanks!!

For the example given, barcode 4260669612235, we currently do not have an Audience Rating in Core.

The app will then download the audience rating for the region you’ve set in settings (which is then useful for you because it shows the Audience Rating for your country, which of course is actually valid for you if you want to watch the movie and want to know for which audience it is!)

You can of course edit the movie (tap on the edit button) and modify the audience rating yourself to whatever you like.

Understood. Yeah pretty sure before I ran the “update audience rating” option, it was set to the European rating number. But it only showed the text. In fact, none of my movies showed the rating “logo” until I ran that setting. Anyways, I know I change it manually, but then it shows the text. How can make it show the European “16” blue logo? Again, I do have Movie Collector software too. I’ve tried playing around with the quick lists and adding custom logos, but that doesn’t ultimately affect the Android app.

I hacked it. LOL. I can change the rating logos to a custom pic. However, this is not a good solution because I basically changed the .png files via root. Sorry. Anyhow, I think this would be a nice feature to add in a future update! Just the ability to change the icons for anything really. Maybe an option for “all” core icons. And then an option to manually change an individual movie.

I asked about this a while ago for Movie Collector and was rejected. So I added in a bunch on my own. However they only come across as text (except US ratings) in movie connect and the mobile app. Maybe someone has a hack to make this work.

Yeah it would be a nice feature. Something more customizable for the mobile app. More options are always better. As you can see in my previous screenshot, I was able to change the icons. In this example, I changed my “US - R” rating icons. However, this is not an ideal method, as it requires root. Anyways, maybe there will be more official custom options like this in the future.

Root? How did you do it?

I had this exact same issue as @SodePopCLZ. I also want to show the corresponding Audience Rating for that particular release. Although sometimes there are multiple to choose from because of multiple audience ratings present on the cover.

There is a trick to do this the right way without hacking or root access.

In the desktop application you can change the Audience Rating Region. If you change that to Netherlands. Then remove the Audience ratings for a movie. Then update a movie and it will download the correct logo etc on your desktop. You need to update a lot of movies for the ratings of a country before you have them all, but after a while you have many audience ratings in your desktop. Now you can manually choose an audience rating in your desktop per movie. When you sync it to the cloud and then sync it to your mobile app, the entries including the logo’s are synced. On your mobile only the Audience ratings appear that are actually used so in the beginning not all Audience Ratings are available on your mobile. After a while you have most of them on your mobile and you can actually change it on your mobile to different Audience ratings.

Be sure to change the desktop sync settings for the Audience Rating to ‘Update empty fields only’ otherwise you will lose everything. Also don’t use the Update Audence Rating feature on your mobile. Otherwise you will lose everything.

To prevent mistakes I have created a custom field with a backup of the audience ratings so I can fix it pretty fast if I mess up.

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Good to know. Thanks for the tip! I was thinking of doing something like this as well, but I was afraid it’d wipe all my movies and thought I’d be locked to a single region. Appreciate the advice. I’ll probably try this soon. However, this is not what I was hacking really. I wanted to change the actual picture/logo, even if it was from the correct region. If you look at my screenshot, it doesn’t show the single ‘R’ logo rating. I changed it to an image of my choosing, which I think would be a great feature update.

Twazerty / Sodepop

Am looking for solution to add any country’s region(s) thru the desktop program with custom & standard icons and have the same icons come across in all 3 platforms. Going to tinker with Twazerty’s solution. Some screenshots would be helpful though.

Yeah that method will work with the logos/images CLZ has in their core. My method was simply tinkering with the android app and manually changing the icon .png files. Your phone needs to be rooted in order to do this.

Worked well for me too. But unfortunately, it’ll only utilize the “canned” icons CLZ uses on the cloud and mobile. I’ll be setting up some dummy movies of different ratings to more easily import the core rating settings. I have no Idea how to “root” my iPhone, LOL.

Thanks, Twazerty

Indeed. No custom icons are possible in the mobile app with my method. Same issue for the format icon. Also not possible to change on mobile.

Word of Caution to anyone using twazerty’s method.

As I loaded up few dozen international audience ratings through the core this way I found a few errors and some outdated ratings as well. I’ll report / share with CLZ as I get some more time to dig a little deeper.

Let’s not tip each other to root phones and do this kind of dangerous stuff. I really don’t want anyone messing up stuff. I’m inclined to remove this entire topic.

Our Core works like this:

  • We have a license on IMDb data
  • We get audience rating from IMDb
  • You can set the audience rating region you want, for your collection in the app settings so you get the correct audience rating for the country you live in, no matter where you bought the movie.

And that is really the end of it.

Custom images for audience ratings so you can create your own: your suggestion has been heard.

I’m closing this topic now, nothing against you guys, but please do not make new topics about rooting phones or anything like that.