Changing the date format

Hey, I use the app and for a few month/weeks now fields like publication date use the us date format MMDDYYYY. I have germany as primary region, no secondary region, euro as currency and I would like to have the european?date format. Because I now always put in the wrong?dates. Is there a possibility to change the date format?

Thanks in advance



Date fields should actually use your “device’s date format” in our CLZ Books app. It is not a CLZ Books app setting.

The “region” thing you mention is only a search setting (when searching books by title, and if they’re not found in our Core, then the region setting kicks in to check out some public libraries from those regions).

With that said:

  • Are you seeing this on Android or iOS?
  • Which country are you in?

It’s an IOS and I’m in germany. And I checked my phone settings. They are correct. It’s definitely just your app.

Thanks for sending that.

Can you show it to me how it looks in the app for you?

  • in your list of all books
  • edit screen of a book
  • the details panel

Thanks for posting that!

Here’s what it looks like for me:

I’ve notified the developers and we’re investigating right now. We’ll get back to you when we have more information (will probably be today). Thanks for your patience.

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We’ve found a bug in the app, causing this problem you’re seeing. We will fix it in the next version so it follows your locale and show as DD/MM/YYYY always for your region.

A workaround today would be to change your iOS settings region to Switzerland (because they use a format internally that works in the app - a format you can not change on iPhone, unless you change regions).

But that is probably not something you’d like to do - so I recommend to just hold out until we release a new version. Thank you for reporting this!

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