Character Lists and Updates

A small question on custom character lists. I went into edit and toggled to custom and added to the list for a specific issue, which all works just fine. My question though is about future core updates. What happens to my custom added character if there are updates from the core?

Lets say the original added book had 2 characters and I added a 3rd. Then someone made a update to the core info and that book now has 4 characters. After I run an update, will I now have 5 characters (the four new plus the 1 I added) or will it wipe out the one I added? I guess a second part would be if the custom one I added is now in the core, would I end up with that name there twice?


If you set your character (or creator) list to “Custom” then that means that list is always yours - no matter which update that comes from Core, no matter what we do in Core. It’s your custom list from now on, forever.

Until you change it back from custom, then it will become a Core list again.

You could test this out with a dummy comic: set it to Custom, add one custom character, save it, then use Update from Core, and you’ll see nothing will happen to the list of characters for that comic!


I was just noticing that I have books with no character info and was thinking of a plan to fill these in.