Check Boxes for Cast and Crew

I know there was an update to change the you search for the Cast and Crew a while back. One of the changes was the removal of the Check Box next to each person’s name. Is there any way to bring them back by, perhaps, changing a setting?

I have several TV series where, as I watch the episodes, I update the episodes information. When I added the seasons to my collection, they came in with a description and a image but no cast and crew information. Currently when I go an add the cast and crew, I have to add, for example, one cast member at a time. Before that change, I could search for the cast member and check the box and then search for another. I find the new setup without the check boxes, very tedious to add cast and crew.


We are aware of this change. This happened when the Add Actor and Add Crew screens were change to search the Core cast and crew list.
Not sure if it make a lot of difference? I mean, you still have to do separate searches for each person?

Before the update, I could go into the Actor Search once, search for 5 actors, click on the check box when I found them and finally add the 5 actors all at the same time. Now I go into the Actor Search, search for one and when I find them, I have to add them and then go back into Actor Search to find the next one and so forth to add all five.

I just find it inconvenient now since the previous set up was much more efficient