Choosing items to print

To choose the items to print is there a way to choose more that one item at a time? A short cut key or group of keys to perform I’ve tried holding the “Shift” key down when I click a second item several pages down w/o luck. The only way I can seem to click on multiple items is to hold the Ctrl key down and click on all of them. Only doing this since the Shift key does not seem to work here as it does in many other programs.
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You posted in the CLZ Books mobile app forum. I’ve moved your topic to the Book Collector forum as I think this is about the Windows desktop version.

Holding CTRL to select single books is possible.
Holding SHIFT to select a couple of books in one go is also possible.

They can’t be used “together”, and they only work on clicking the actual books.

Here’s a video where I first use CTRL to make a selection
Later I use SHIFT.

Check it out:

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Thank you! I think I see my issue, I was expecting to be able to click anywhere on the line and was doing so on the column for the “boxes”. I will try clicking elsewhere on the line for the books and see if that works. I won’t be able to get back there until Friday but will answer as soon as I can. Again, Thank you for a Great Product. It has been used at the Genealogy library for a very long time.

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