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I have recently been experimenting with the Compositions entry in the Classical Tab. It’s has potential but it also has one really annoying feature. When you add the individual compositons they are helpfully displayed to one side but they are also annoyingly added to every track on the album. Is there anyway to prevent the information from being added to the tracks?

I think, if you edit individual tracks and check the composition field under classical for each track, it will eliminate the composition for that track. Does that make sense?

Don’t add a composition. Just click the field title and leave it blank.

Sadly that doesn’t stop the problem. If you create a Composition list under the Classical tab the data seems to be being added to every track regardless of whether it’s related. I thought it might be to do with the Headers I’d added to the track lists but having tried with and without, those it made no difference. You can add the infomation to individual tracks but then that’s just doubling what’s already there, both in the headers and in the track details.

I guess I’ll just ignore those fields and add the data elsewhere

But thanks for answering

(It’s good to see Eric Whitacre lurking there)

Try not adding text. Just check the box and leave it blank.

I tried that. The issue seems to be if I add a Composition on the Classical tab

it then populates the front page display without reference to the Track editing page.

Leaving the Composition box in the Track tab ticked but empty or even clearing it has no effect.

It’s not the end of the world but it’s curious

The tracks are automatically INHERITING the album level information, but only in VIEW screens.
The composition data is not actually copied to the tracks.

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That’s what I suspected. Presumably there is no way of turning it off? Or is this another incentive for me to move to Connect?

Only by modifying the XML template.
Have you tried other details templates? Which one are you using?

Music Connect only has Artist, Title and Length at the track level, so yes, that would definitely solve this problem :slight_smile:

I’m still using Vee Ten and I’ve been using that for so long I’d forgotten that there were other options :laughing: I’ll experiment

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OK, so I swapped my template to Quicksilver and the problem seems to have disappeared. Thanks for the nudge

I would recommend to opt for the Flex template, that is the most current one.

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I learned something here.

Thanks @CLZ_Alwin.

Also, templates make a difference. I realize now the template I was using shows differently than what you were looking at.

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