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There have been a few others posting about the lack of classics illustrated correctness in ClZ. Some have been answered and some not. Basically the issue is this… classics illustrated collecting is not like collecting other series where you might have a second or third print. Some Classics Illustrated have as many as 25 printings. Some Collectors try to get each of the printings so just having original and reprint as many issues have in the app, it just doesn’t work for collectors of the series. Sometimes you can go by hrn (highest reprint number) and sometimes you have to go by both hrn and date, sometimes hrn and price, and sometimes the distinguishing factor is cover stiffness. I’m not even a really serious classics collector like my dad is and CLZ doesn’t work for my collection. I started trying to input it and 10/10 comics were missing from the app.

So the best place of information I know of comes from the over street comic book price guide. Here are the pages with the information that would make CLZ usable for collecting the American version of Classics Illustrated.

As an example in CLZ of the 23 printings of issue 1 here are the options listed

Issue 1b is hrn 169 which is printing 23 but that isn’t listed. 1c is listed as 25cent variant which is the same issue as either 1B or 1Q. 1d is 15 cent cover price which could be hrn 78-166 covering printing 10 through 21. 1H, 1L, 1P are correct. 1Q is printing 22 but it is not listed. And the abc… does not have them in order.

As you can see from 1 of the 169 issues how many errors and omissions there are, it is currently impossible to collect this series with the CLZ app.

Hi there,

I’m sorry Core is lacking the information you’re looking for regarding this series.
Please know you can always MANUALLY add any comics to your local database. So you at least have the correct information in your local database.

We strive to have this series listed in a correct manner. However I can’t put an exact date on that.