Cleaning up my database

I came across a situation the other day when cleaning up the data of my “watched” movies.
I was going through the unwatched movies through the seen it folder. When I came across one I had seen, I changed it to “seen”, and then after clicking done, it takes you to the seen folder with the movie. So to continue on, you have to go back to the “no” folder, then scroll down to where you left off, which can be pretty far down. If you have a large database, it can get pretty cumbersome. It would be so much easier and quicker if after changing a value, it left you in the folder you were working in, where you were, instead of taking you to the folder you changed it to.
This would apply to any folder you were working on in any app.
By the way, love your apps. The amount of detail you’ve built in is amazing.


Yes, an edit will “follow” the movie to the “new” folder location if you change the field you’re grouping on.

I recommend using tap and hold on all movies you’ve seen, so you make a selection and then use Action > Edit to edit multiple movies in 1 go, setting the seen it field to YES, and save them all, in 1 go.

Thanks AJ, I don’t know why I didn’t think of doing it that way, since I’ve used the multiple edit before.

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When I edit a field to keep it from jumping to another folder I use the arrow icons at bottom to scroll to next entry and then click ok, which brings it back to original folder. I was always having to scroll back to the spot it left before I discovered this “trick”. Saves many minutes.