Cloud Edit

While I much prefer the Desktop version, I have on occasion made changes in the cloud via the IOS Apps. I decided to see what the real differences were between the Desktop and the Cloud (lots), and in doing so, I tried to edit a book in the browser version of the cloud. The pencil is not there. And yes, I am logged in. There are three possibilities:

  1. I am missing the obvious (quite possible)
  2. On-line editing is only available on apps
  3. Programming error

I doubt the last

Rob Roy

It looks like you may be logged in to the “read-only” CLZ Cloud viewer site, at !

When you want to use the Connect web-based software, make sure you login to:

Let me know if you’re able to edit there, then.

That was the solution. There should be a link from the desktop software, however.

Good to hear it’s working now.

Thanks for your tip, I have taken note.