CLZ app won't sync with cloud?

Hello, posting here since it seems to be just the iOS CLZ app… I added comics to my collection on Comic Connect earlier, but when I go to sync with cloud on my CLZ app, there is nothing to sync, even after closing the app and re-opening it.

I had to replace the credit card that both CLZ and Comic Connect are on, and they both tried to renew before I had the new card to update my account with (and thus the subscription ran out for a day or two), so not sure if that has something to do with it, but they have both since been updated/re-subbed and are showing active under my account.

Maybe you have it set to Sync Automatically?
Have many comics do you see in the app? Your Comic Connect account seems to have exactly 25,000.

Your subscription running out is not related to this.

It is set to sync automatically (Auto-Sync is enabled in the iOS app), yes, but I know there are issues added to my Comic Connect that are not showing up in CLZ, and the sync dialog shows nothing to be updated.

That must be it then.
If you want more control / awareness of what is syncing, switch Auto Syncing OFF, then always Sync manually.

Maybe you have a filter active in the mobile apps?
Do you see a different total per collection in the app?

No matter which setting I have it on, it shows that nothing needs to be changed and the Sync Changes button remains greyed out.

Sorry, had to do multiple responses, can’t put more than one image in post yet.

I’m not sure if you can see my collections, but if so, the only one I’m worried about is ‘Personal Collection,’ which in Comic Connect shows 6481 issues; in the CLZ app it shows 6524 issues with no filters selected.

I have to ask but are you using the CLZ account on both ends?

I am using the same e-mail address/account for both, yes.

On Comic Connect, when I select the little person icon in the upper right corner and go to My Account, it shows both subscriptions active under the same e-mail address/account.

I checked that collection in your Comic Connect account and I see 6,536 comics in it.
Maybe you have a filter active on the Connect side?
I see you have 55 comics “On Order” in that collection. Maybe you have it set to show “In Collection” items only?
Yes, that seems to be it. When set to “In Collection” only, it show 6,481 comics.

Please, when comparing numbers on different devices, ALWAYS make sure you have the same filters active on both sides!

Having some issues set to “On Order” still doesn’t resolve the problem of my CLZ and Connect not syncing. There are issues in my ‘Personal Collection’ on Connect that are not in my ‘Personal Collection’ in CLZ, and they will not sync. I know for a fact I added 12 issues to my collection on Connect yesterday, but they will not sync and show up in my CLZ collection…and 12 is the discrepancy here between the 6536 Connect shows if I set it to show everything instead of just “In Collection,” and how many CLZ is showing (6524). Just to confirm, in both Connect and CLZ, I set them both to show “In Collection” and the numbers are 6469 for CLZ and 6481 for Connect - a 12 issue discrepancy.

I will say, I added a few issues to another collection in Connect earlier, and when I just checked to see if CLZ would sync, it synced those few issues that I added to the other collection; but, it still will not sync my ‘Personal Collection.’

Something is happening where the collection “Personal Collection” is not syncing between devices.

Can you show me a screenshot of your mobile app showing the main screen with that collection with no filters active?

I see 12 issues added to Connect yesterday. Do you see these in your app, when sorting by Date Added?

This is my mobile app with no filters showing. (It shows 6523 now because I removed a duplicate.)

These are the last issues that it shows being added.

I added these on Connect, not through the app, meaning it synced correctly at some point. Also, when I removed that duplicate I mentioned above, I removed it in the app, and it synced that change to the cloud, but still not those 12 issues listed.

Since it was syncing other issues, I decided to try and remove those 12 issues from Connect and re-add them and try to sync, and it worked…no idea why it wouldn’t sync those specifically.