CLZ Books 9 Feature Hilite: Add Books screen improvements

Here’s my second “v9 feature hilite” post, about another area of improvement in last week’s CLZ Books v9 release.
(tip: if you missed yesterday’s feature hilite #1 about the collection tab-bar, you can read it here).

Today, we are going to discuss the improvements we did to the Add Books screen:

Adding Books: quick "Confirm" pop-ups, instead of full screen Preview pages

The main change to the Add Books screen is that we dropped the Preview page, you know, the full screen page where you could preview book details of a selected book entry from the results list. That page was quite slow and outdated looking and cause a lot of back and forth tapping between results and the Preview page.
We replaced the Preview page with a quick and small “Confirm” popup, that slides in, in-place, from the bottom and shows the exact details you need to know if this is the edition you want to add. Easier and snappier!

Add by ISBN: Faster camera barcode scanner for scanning ISBN barcodes

Adding books by scanning ISBN barcodes is one the main features of the app. An essential part of adding by ISBN is the built-in camera barcode scanner.

For this update, our mobile app developer Pim has spent a few days optimizing that camera barcode scanner. The idea was to make better use of the power of today’s devices, both in terms of camera resolution and computing power.
And the results of his tweaks are amazing. Adding by ISBN is now much faster, as the scanner picks up the barcode you point at much quicker.