CLZ Comics – Wrap-Up 2023!

We’re closing in on the end of the year (well, it was the new year ten days ago), so it is time for the

CLZ Comics Wrap-Up 2023!

We have done some queries on our Core online comic database to gather popularity stats, based on usage of the CLZ comic database app and sofware. Using the results of those queries, CLZ Justin created this nice infographic with top 10 lists.


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I’m curious how Worldtree is #6 in overall series (and the highest rated indie series on that list), but then it is NOT the #1 on the indie series list.
Is there different criteria for the 2 lists?
Seems like the highest placed overall indie should be the #1 indie.

The first top 10 is most popular COMICS. Worldtree #1 scored very high there.
The other 3 charts are about most popular SERIES. So apparently, other Indie series were more popular in total.

So it sounds like most popular “comic” was the most popular single issue, is that correct?

Yes, with “comic” we mean a specific issue.

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I’d be curious to see what the top variant covers were. Overall and per group (Marvel, DC, Indie). I’m not sure why since many are limited but just curious.