CLZ introduces new Key Comic levels per April 1

Since November 2021, CLZ has been providing you Key Comic information for your comics, like first appearances, cameo appearance, deaths, iconic covers, etc… Up till now, we have been indicating the importance of Key Comics using Major Key (yellow) and Minor Key (blue) designations.

However, starting today, we are renaming Major and Minor and are introducing several extra Key Comic importance levels, so that we can give you a more granular indication of a comic’s importance.

Here’s an overview of the new Key Comic levels, with some examples:

We hope you will enjoy these new key indicators!


How about a ‘Hot Artist’ key that dissappears when their 5 minutes of speculator led fame is up? :wink:


If it wasn’t April 1st I’d be excited for this especially the Loki!

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I’m Low”Key” fired up for this!! Very fun!


So there’s no love for the turkey???

Maybe coming up in version 9.2…


First reaction: Very much not a fan.
This makes the key indicator far less useful.

If something gets a key level of “Loki” how do I know if that’s a major key (example: Loki’s first appearance) or minor key (example: Loki changes his headgear)?

It’s more important to indicate what level of Key a comic is (High, Medium) than who is involved (Loki, or Donkey, or Willie Lumpkin). Seems to me if you’re going the “who” route it’s a never ending number of keys needed. One for every important or slightly important character.

The new keys could be useful if they were a sub-category. Basically additional tags that sit below High and Medium. Then we could still see which were High Keys and, within them, which of those related to Loki, or Aunt Petunia, or whoever.

But just seeing it’s a “Loki” key without being able to know if that’s High or Medium? Near worthless.

Chill out, man. It’s an April Fool’s joke.


:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:


Key is way over used. Like so many other descriptors key is pretty much a marketing tool like scarce, rare, HTF, etc

Yeah that is why we’re introducing more key levels, so that we can better indicate how important a key really is.