CLZ Movies 9.0 Returning from tapping on an actor

Hi, just downloaded the update, like the new features. One small thing, I noticed that once inside a movie, you tap on an actor, it brings up the screen with all movies in my collection with that actor. When I go back, instead of going back to the original movie, it brings me back one screen further, to the top. Would seem to be more natural to return to the exact spot where you tapped the actor. Please consider, not a big deal, but I found it annoying. Thanks

We considered making it go back to the movie you tapped from, but doing that it also looked and felt very strange - and we got lost in the app quite a bit.

So we concluded and figured it would be better to go “back”, then “filter on that actor” and “show all movies from that actor”. You can then of course tap the same movie again, or tap a different movie, or cancel the filter altogether.

If this is a big issue for a lot of people, we can think of an extra layer of navigation perhaps. Your issue has been noted!