CLZ Movies v9.1 Add cover images for “unrecognized barcodes” / Update cover images from Core

Just over two months ago, we released a huge v9.0 upgrade for the CLZ Movies app. But today, we’re back already, with a v9.1 update with two improvements related to cover images, a nice new setting for further customizing your app and finally, an improvement to the barcode scanner.

  • Add cover images for “Unrecognized Barcodes”
  • Update from Core now also let you REPLACE cover images
  • New “Hide Seen It” setting
  • Faster barcode scanner

Add cover images for “Unrecognized Barcodes”

In version 9.0, we already improved the Unrecognized Barcode screen, you know, the screen that appears when you try to add a movie by barcode, but the barcode is not found in Core.

We have further improved that screen for today’s version 9.1. You can now a select a cover image from a Google Images search, so that your added movie entry instantly has the correct cover image.

Update from Core now also let you REPLACE cover images

A common complaint from users of our movie apps has been about not always getting the correct cover image when adding movies by barcode. So we decided to finally resolve this problem. We are now checking and correcting the edition cover images in our Core database, to make sure the cover image actually matches the exact DVD/Blu-ray/4K edition (by barcode). In the meantime, we have checked and fixed all 4K UHD covers and are now working our way through hundreds of thousands of DVD and Blu-ray covers.

The metric we use to measure our progress is what we call “Cloud Coverage”, that is, the percentage of movie releases in the CLZ Cloud that can be “covered” with a checked cover image. This week we reached a Cloud Coverage of 40% (!!), meaning that for an average movie collection, at least 40 percent of cover images should be the correct image for that barcode.

To help you enjoy the improved cover art for your collection, we have improved the “Update from Core” tool to allow the overwriting/replacing of cover art with possible new cover art from Core.

To do so, select some (or all) movies in your app, tap the Action button on the bottom right, then choose Update from Core. In the settings screen that appears, at the top, set the toggle for “Front Cover” to “Replace”, then tap “Update” on the bottom right.

New “Hide Seen It” setting

Not using the app to track which movies you have watched or not? Then the little Seen It icons are probably not useful to you (some users may even call it annoying :slightly_smiling_face: ). In the Settings screen, we added a new setting called “Hide Seen It”, which hides the Seen It eye icon from list and details

Faster barcode scanner

Adding movies by barcode is one the main features of the app and an essential part of that is the camera barcode scanner. For this update, our mobile app developer Pim has spent a few days optimizing that camera barcode scanner. The idea was to make better use of the power of today’s devices, both in terms of camera resolution and computing power.
And the results of his tweaks are amazing. The scanner is now much faster!

It’s seems a lot easier and better with the new poster art but I feel you are missing a trick and missing out on what could attract a lot more users
And that’s steelbook covers as a collector myself it gets very annoying having to add my own covers on every item I add because you don’t have any steelbook covers I have myself submitted a number to core but unsure if any became available
I belong to quite a few steelbook collectors clubs and we are always being asked what software is best to keep track of our collection and unfortunately non really get a mention due to the fact yes we can still add the film titles but as steelbook collectors the main reason we pay extra for the steelbooks is because we love the art work in which case is different from the Blu-ray artwork or 4k artwork
Another difference is there are different editions like a collectors edition or limited edition full slip half slip numbered edition and so on

But with your software we are unable to add the correct artwork to the title and have to take a number of different covers pictures are self which is time consuming and we have no way of adding if it’s numbered or limited and so on

So perhaps steelbook artwork addded would be good along with the different types also in a drop down menu like you have for type of case

I have one question about the new “Hide Seen It” setting. Will it be implemented in the Windows Desktop software as well? Or will it be a feature only for the mobile apps please? Would love to have it across the board as I am one of those who find it annoying hehe :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

But… that is exactly what we are improving at the moment. We are checking and fixing hundreds of thousands of Blu-Ray, DVD and 4K UHD cover images, to make sure the cover image matches the exact edition.
That of course includes steelbooks too!

Same here, that is exactly what our current project is all about :slight_smile:

For the desktop software, probably not.
For the Movie Connect web-based software, that sure it possible. Will put it on the list.

mmm I see. Thanks for getting back to me. I love using the desktop software because it allows me the possibility to link movie files found on my hard disks, which I cannot really do on the web-based version. Besides other modifications and personalisation that are not possible on the web based version.

But if there is any way how for the computer version this field could be removed, or we are given the option to remove it, I am sure that myself, and others like me, would love it :slight_smile:

This is exciting! I was gearing up to start uploading correct covers, however you guys are on it. I look forward to seeing the improvements take effect! :clap::clap::clap: