CLZ Music & Music Connect - can they share same data?

Newbie user here please forgive my basic question :slight_smile: I’ve got both the CLZ Music app and Music Connect on a Windows PC. I assumed they might use the same database e.g. CLZ cloud but mine appear different. Is there any way to link the two? Thanks!

Yes, they share the same data, that is what CLZ Cloud syncing is all about.

Do you see different numbers on both sides?

I checked your CLZ Cloud but I only see 7 albums there?

Great news! In Connect on my PC I can see 7 albums but in CLZ Music on my iphone admittedly created ages ago I have 15 albums. On my iphone the Music cloud only has 7 despite syncing just now. I must be doing something wrong :slight_smile: Both use browgars as the username.

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I recommend CLEARING your CLZ Cloud, and then re-uploading your data from your CLZ mobile app.

  1. Open the app menu, and choose Sync with CLZ Cloud to open the Sync screen.
  2. At the bottom left, click the “Clear CLZ Cloud” button and confirm.
  3. Now sync with CLZ Cloud to upload all your data to the CLZ Cloud again.
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That worked perfectly! Thanks so much for all your help :slight_smile: Cheers Gareth

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