Clz on iMac

Help, I was entering data into my CLZ Books on my iMac when the app suddenly closed and now I cannot open it on my iMac. It works on my iPad but not my iMac.

I have over 1000 books to enter on my CLZ Books and the iMac is by far the quickest method for me.

For clarity, you were actually using the CLZ Books mobile app on your Mac?

If all data is safe in your CLZ Cloud, can you try removing the app from your Mac, then reinstalling it?

Hi Alwyn. Yes I was just manually adding a book pressed the ADD button an it just disappeared and now refuses to open it just appears for a second then produces a Report for Apple.

Have Deleted the app and tried reinstalling but still get the same issue

it is the same app I am using on my iPad and iPhone and they are working fine

still not able to use clz app on my iMac. worked fine for over a 5 months then suddenly when I pressed to add a book it disappeared off the screen and now will not open.

every time I press the icon it flashes very quickly on the screen then disappears. Very diasppointing and frustrating when I need to add over 1000 books to my library.

Unfortunately this problem means I may need to review how I catalogue my books moving forward as the inability to open on my Mac is a big issue for me.

This is an extract of the report raised for Apple by the iMac each time I try to open the app.

Exception Subtype: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x0000000000000018
Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000001, 0x0000000000000018
VM Region Info: 0x18 is not in any region. Bytes before following region: 4341006312

I am sorry to hear the app keeps giving you problems on the iMac.
After you remove the app and reinstall it, does it immediately crash again? Or does it only start crashing again after your sync down your data?

BTW: have you considered using the the Book Connect web-based software on your Mac. That is our best solution for Mac computers.

Hi it crashes immediately I try to open it.

What is the Book Connect web-based software ? Is this an extra cost?

Will this still sync with my iPad and iPhone ?

Book Connect is our web-based software. Basically a website that you log into with your browser. Book Connect web-based book database software -

Yes, this is an extra cost of US $29.95 per year.

May have to consider this, can always cancel my movie and my music subscriptions to pay for it if I cannot resolve the issue with the app on my Mac. It is just really frustrating to ¡have an app in the App Store that does not work.

How would I go about signing up for this and cancelling the other 2 subscriptions please?

Also will I have to add all my books to this app manually again or will it sync with my czl on my iPad and iPhone?

I can understand. But as there has not been an update to the app in quite a while, it sounds like something changed on your Mac that caused this. Did you maybe update to newer macOS, something like that?

But, I have to say, the CLZ Books app was designed for mobile phones and tablet. For computers, we have the Book Connect web-based software.
The two work together perfectly, by syncing with the CLZ Cloud. No need to add your books again. Once you log in to Book Connect, you will instantly see your existing CLZ Cloud data.

Wait… I found your CLZ account and it looks like you have been subscribed to Book Connect since August 18, 2023… So… you might as well start using it :slight_smile: