CLZ Phone app + Comic Connect Needed?

So I use the phone app say 98% of the time and really cannot remember when I last used Comic Connect or even why I used it ---- so today is my last day on Comic Connect I think unless I renew.

Do I NEED to have both? Advantages? Disadvantages?

I just need to know if the CLZ app will be enough - thanks!

I use phone app and the online system. I find it very beneficial to have the phone app when I leave home to go searching for missing issues, or for noting what one store or another has available. I use the online system thru my laptop for adding information or large edits or even moving lots of issues around. There are also “minor” differences which I find useful, like being able to sort in different ways or just being able to see different fields in the “list” vs “card” view.

CLZ Comics is a mobile app for use on your phone.
Comic Connect is web-based software for use on your computer.

It really is that simple :slight_smile: