Collection Status - Not in Collection

Is there a way to either ‘change’ an existing Collection Status Name like ‘Not in Collection’ and/or create a Custom/New Collection Status Name, such as ‘Replace’?

I personally don’t use ‘Not in Collection’ and do not personally see a need for it, but…there are many books throughout my collection that I have purchased in much lower grades/condition in hopes of upgrading in the future, so I would like a way to ‘Label’ those issues as a Collection Status as opposed to creating a ‘Custom Tag’.

It makes it easier/quicker (for me) to run through a Collection/Box and check the box next to each one that I want to replace and change the Collection Status then to have to go into each issue listing/details to type/select the ‘Replace’ custom tag.

I guess I could use ‘Not in Collection’ to mean ‘Replace’, but was wondering if there was a way to customize and/or change the Collection Status Labels before I went ahead and committed all that effort.

Thanx in Advance.

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Interesting idea

It is indeed not possible to change the name of a Collection Status, or to add your own.

As for using the Tags field: that would be my advise to use indeed for “Needs to be replaced”.

You can still checkbox multiple comics, then right click and hit “Edit Multiple” and then change the Tags field.

On Connect/Mobile’s version of “Edit Multiple” it’s even easier, because there you would make the selection, then Edit Multiple and just select the “Tags” field (and it will remember that you used that field, so if you use Edit Multiple often, you don’t have to pick that “Tags” field every time)

using Comics Desktop … though I expect this applies to Connect as well
regarding your mention of the tags: when assigning tags via Edit Multiple Comics, I am seeing that any pre-existing tags in the individual comics are deleted when tags are selected.

Per the manual it appears that behavior is by design.
could there be an option not to delete when new tags are assigned, otherwise the power of tagging is reduced or becomes very complicated to manage?


That is indeed the case in the desktop software.
The Comic Connect web-based software has a more powerful Edit Multiple tool though, that also lets you ADD tags to the existing tags.

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