Collector desktop vs Connect web-based

Looks like there is some confusion and misunderstanding about

  1. the status and future of the Collector desktop software
  2. switching over to the Connect web-based software.

Let me try to clear things up.

Status and future of the Collector desktop software

First, don’t worry, the desktop software is not going anywhere!
The software will keep working, it will not be closed down or something. You can keep using the software and it will still be able to access CLZ Core for adding new collectibles, it will still sync with CLZ Cloud too.

However, the complete focus of our developers is on the Connect web-based software and the CLZ mobile apps. So it is unlikely that there will be any feature updates for the desktop software.
We will keep doing necessary maintenance updates for as long as it is feasible for us to do so, and only to keep the desktop software compatible with CLZ Core, CLZ Cloud and possible breaking Windows updates. We will do this for as long as it is feasible.

Also, once we update Connect with more fields (e.g. User Defined Fields (UDFs), customizable episode lists), we will update the desktop software to at least upload your local data in those fields to the CLZ Cloud (if only to make it possible for you to finally switch to the Connect web-based software).

Other than that, the feature set of the desktop software is frozen. You can keep using it, but if you want to enjoy our updates and progress, then switching to Connect is the way to go.

Switching to the Connect web-based software

After working on Connect for 15 years (it was launched in 2009!), we are now confident that, for MOST users, Connect is a better solution than the Collector dekstop software.
So would like to see THOSE users switch to the Connect web-based software, preferably ASAP. For clarity: not ALL desktop users, but MOST desktop users.

Whether you should switch to Connect depends on the product you use and on the way you use it. In more details:

  • for Game Collector users, I would recommend EVERYONE to switch to Game Connect. You won’t miss a thing. UDFs would be the only dealbreaker there (for now that is, until we actually implement UDFs in Connect)

  • for Book Collector, I would recommend almost everyone to switch, unless you’re cataloging ebook files, using the “Contents” tab for books or if you’re using UDFs,

  • for Comic Collector, same, almost everyone could and should switch, with the Contents tab and UDFs as the only dealbreakers.

  • for Movie Collector, the dealbreakers would be: cataloging movie files, custom episode lists for TV series, or UDFs. Other than that, everyone could and should go to Connect.

  • for Music Collector, the switch to Connect is recommended for a smaller group of users, as there are more dealbreakers. I do NOT recommend the switch if you:
    – absolutely need to add CDs by scanning them in your CD-ROM drive
    – need to catalog and link to music files
    – need to catalog extensive track level info (Connect only has Artist/Title/Length for tracks)
    – need to catalog extensive classical music specific details, like Composition, with all the Composition sub fields. Composers and Composition at track level, etc…
    – need to use User Defined Fields

In general, over all products, there are a LOT of users who just use the software to keep track of which books/movies/music/comics/games they own. They just scan the barcodes or search by title, the item gets added to the list. Maybe they add some personal details like purchase info, upload a better cover image, but that’s that.
Those users should definitely switch to Connect, but of course Connect offers way more than that, so the group of “should switch” users is much much bigger.

About the mentioned dealbreakers: We are planning to add UDF functionality and custom episode list editing for movies, maybe even before the end of the year… So that will take away the dealbreakers for many more users.
But some things will just never happen for the Connect web-based software, for technical reasons, like cataloging files or scanning CDs in your CD-ROM drive.

Now, there are of course some other reasons some users do not want to switch to Connect:

  • I absolutely need to have my data on my local computer
  • I do not always have a reliable internet connection and when I am offline, I absolute need to be able to access my collection database.

Those are reasons we will never be able to take way, so if any of the above reasons holds for you, then you will have to stick with the Collector desktop software. No discussion or argumentation needed.

Why do we focus on web-based software?

Finally, some background on the direction we are going in:
We strongly believe that for computer use, the way to proceed is web-based software. And we are not alone in that, there are very few developers who are still developing or maintaining downloadable desktop software.

And for good reasons:

  • developing desktop software is expensive
  • customer support for downloadable desktop software is hard and expensive
  • offering downloadable desktop software in made harder and harder: Microsoft is clearly discouraging users to install software on their own computer. Google and McAfee are flagging websites that offer downloadable software as “unsafe”. Virus scanner and security tools clearly find installed programs scary and unsafe, especially if these programs dare to write files to the user’s Document folder (oh noes!!)
  • and finally, finding developers who still want to program Windows or Mac software is impossible nowadays. Everyone wants to either develop for web or for mobile. We will have ONE developer who is able to develop for Windows, but even he would prefer to work web-based (which is exactly what he is doing for most of his time at the moment)

On the other hand, there are many inherent advantages to web-based software.

The advantages for us:

  • developing web-based software is faster and much cheaper
  • working web-based gives us more freedom to create the UI exactly as you want it, as opposed to being restricted by development platforms and the Windows API
  • web-based software is natively “cross-platform”, it works on PCs, on Macs, on Linux, iOS, Android and of course on netbooks.
  • with web-based software, there are less dependencies on 3rd party software. In the past, browser specific issues were a problem, but even that is a thing of the past.
  • supporting users is much easier, as we can log in to user’s accounts, see what they see, and often simply fix the problem for them
  • all users are always on the latest version, which really helps with support

The benefits for users:

  • managing the software is much easier. No need to install software, no need to update software, no need to deal with database files, image files, no need to ever transfer software or data to a new computer (with all problems that can occur there).
  • users can log in to their software from anywhere, any computer and just continue where they left of, because even all software settings and customizations are stored server side

When we’re talking specifically about the CONNECT web-based, there are of course more advantages for users:

  • the Connect user interface is our latest UI design, which is easier to understand and easier to use. Examples: the Add screens with BIG cover images, managing columns/sort/folder favorites, edit screens, edit multiple tool, managing pick lists, import/export, print to PDF, etc… For most features, the functionality and design of Connect is lightyears ahead of their desktop counterparts.
  • Connect is always actively developed on, so you are getting regular updates with improvements and new features (and completely automatic too, as we install the updates for you)
  • the CLZ team can help you better if you’re on Connect. We can see what you see, spot problems and even fix them for you. (yes, I know this benefit is now listed twice, but it’s that important)

Got questions about switching to Connect? Please comment below.

If you are interested in switching to Connect, but still have questions or concerns, e.g. about a specific field or functionality, please comment below and someone from the CLZ crew (probably me) will clarify. But only if you are actually interested in switching.

If you have already made up your mind and already know you can not or will not switch to Connect ever, that is okay. I am happy that you still enjoy the desktop software so much and that it is the perfect solution for you. So just stick with the desktop software and enjoy using that. No need to state your reasons here. Please let everyone make up their own mind.


If you have trialed the Connect software in the past but want to give it another go, we can reset your Connect trial for you. When you want that, just post a comment and one of us will reset it for you.


In spite of my decision to stick to my Collector versions of Books, Music and Movies for the time being I would like to thank you and compliment you for your clear and honest explanation of the actual and future situation.


Well written explanation :slight_smile: as a “Game” user, i find no reason to stick to Collector. but this gave me even more confidence.


Good to hear that Game Connect is giving you all you need.

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Thanks for the well thought out explanation. I’m looking forward to Episode support on Movie Connect, then I’ll be there, 100%.

You’ve always had a great product. I still get hours of enjoyment using them.


I can attest to this statement:

“the CLZ team can help you better if you’re on Connect. We can see what you see, spot problems and even fix them for you. (yes, I know this benefit is now listed twice, but it’s that important)”.

I’ve been using Comic Connect for the last 3 years, it definitely does everything I need and more (and fast which I love in a web client). Last night I noticed something a little glitchy happening with a scroll bar and sent an e-mail to support. Woke up in the morning saying they were able to reproduce and already applied the fix which I confirmed. This gives me confidence the team is really on top of things, so great product plus great support.


I’ve spent my entire career in software, so I completely understand the reasons for wanting to move away from a desktop-based piece of software.

I used to have the Collector desktop app on Windows, and when my work moved to Mac, I was forced to give it up and start to use Connect. Connect is so fast and responsive (as is the support for it), that I would never want to go back to Collector, even if I had the choice. The experience is just far better.

I think once people give it a chance and move past the ‘on my machine’ vs ‘in a browser’ they’ll find that the benefits outweigh any perceived loss.


Thanks for the well-laid-out explanation Alwin.


I never used the Collector Desktop, so cannot speak directly to its user experience.
I moved to the Comic Connect web based software from the ComicBase desktop software.
I found Connect to be fast, easy to use, and did absolutely everything I wanted to do to manage my very large collection.
The ability to customize how I want things to work, and the ease of creating multiple databases to manage different aspects of my collection make it a pleasure to work with.
I love that i can get to my collection from any browser… whether on my desktop or one of the various laptops I sometimes use.
I use the combination of Connect/CLZ and keep them synched… but personally find the Connect UI much easier for managing and searching than CLZ, which for me is a great solution for having my collection “in my pocket” when I’m on the go, but my main “go to” interface is Connect, I love it.
Overall, FAR superior to ComicBase. No regrets on moving off that… and absolutely didn’t want to get tied down to another desktop solution… personally love the “in the cloud” database… though i do capture a local backup every now and again.
No regrets here in moving off a desktop to a browser/cloud solution.


I think I am in good shape? I think I am already using Connect for my movies and for my music. Thank You.

Hi Larry, yes, you are good to go.
I checked your account and after using the desktop software since 2009, you switched to the Connect web-based software for both music and movies.

Are you happy with the switch to Connect?

Absolutely…and I appreciate the patience Team CLZ has with me. The older I get the more confused I get “on anything”. CLZ keeps me on my toes…and that’s a good thing. Thank You All. Larry

Can I take you guys up on this offer? The last time I did the trial I didn’t have the time to really try it out.

Sure, I have reset your trial now, so that you can sign up for the free 7-day trial again.
You can do so here:


Totally get the move from desktop to web. I’m on the Game Collector software and will certainly give Connect another go once the UDFs are over there.

The only other feature I can think of that I use on desktop are the filters. Now it’s complex functionality with the ANDs and NOTs, and I don’t believe it’s on Connect (just looking at my Cloud). That is the way that I find out what games I have that do not have the Review Rating field populated, or games I bought on or after a certain date.

If bringing that whole UI over was not on the agenda, would a SQL-style feature for “advanced users” be possible? I work in Jira and found that using their “JQL” is probably quicker and more flexible than using their checkboxes and dropdowns.

That’s all. Thanks.


Isn’t that just as easy to by sorting?

Hello everyone,

I’m a new user of MovieCollector (I’ve been a DVDProfiler user for many many years).
I’m currently learning to use MovieCollector and I’m amazed of all you can do with this great soft.

So I just read your topic and at first I was “oh no, I’ve just subscbribed for 2 years and now it’s over!”.

But after the reading it seems that for me it’s the best solution to move to Connect (I only use it for DVD’s, Blu-Ray’s and 4K Blu-Ray’s).

The question I have here is : is it better for me to familiarize with Collector Desktop for a few weeks before the move or not ?

My main concern is the covers. I usually scan them and then I search the file on my PC to add it (front and back). Is it the same way to do it on Movie Connect ?

Sorry for my lack of knowledge and thank you in advance for your future advices.

Have a great day everyone!

No not really, , that will only cause more problems when switching.
I recommend to switch now and start learning Movie Connect.

Adding your own cover images is possible in Movie Connect too.

Let me know if you need any help switching over.