Collector desktop vs Connect web-based

I decided to deep dive the features I use the most in Collector.

The sort of Search Filters I use are (and these are just examples):

  • Tags - so maybe I want to see everything I labeled with a “Priority” tag. These are the games that I want to buy next.
  • Editions - Separate my Long box PS1 from regular PS1 games. I’ve tried to just click on the “Edition” column but this removes the alphabetical order so you can’t find what you are looking for, hence I use the filter.
  • Combination of values - show me any game with a current value < $10 that I paid < $10 for and has a review rating of < 50%. If I’m streamlining my collection, these are the first games to go.
  • Purchase criteria - what did I buy from eBay in a certain time frame in the past.

Another feature I use a lot is the export. I can export everything I bought from a certain store to find out how much I have historically spent there.

I also commonly use the export to create my eBay purchase query. So I’ll export every Xbox 360 title on my wish list, paste to Excel, quickly format each title with commas, copy and paste in to an eBay query within parenthesis for the “OR” logic.

I find these features very powerful.



I see few problems here.
With a bit of foldering and sorting, you should be able to do the same in Connect.
You started out with Game Collector and found your way to the filters to do what you want. If you had started out with Game Connect, you would have found other ways to do this.

Filters is something some desktop users use, because it’s there. Connect and mobile users tend to find their way to multi-level folders, combined with smart sorting.
The same holds for User Defined Fields in many cases. Desktop users use UDFs because it’s there. Connect and mobile users are quite smart with Tags.

About exporting: Export features are actually nicer in Connect:

I just renewed my complete library of three windows collectorz software (and the three apps for it) for very much money until Jan 2026 just to read there will be no feature updates for collectorz windows software. I do need User custom fields which are not implemented yet. So, the cloud based version is not my choice.
I am disappointed.

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I am sorry to hear you are disappointed.
Let me know if you want the renewals refunded.

Thanks for the offer. I will try the cloud app. Maybe I can make peace with it, but I do not like it as the windows version at the moment. (tried with movies, now i will try with music)

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Sure I have restarted your trial now.

  • for Comic Collector, same, almost everyone could and should switch, with the Contents tab and UDFs as the only dealbreakers.

When you say “contents,” Alwin, does that include not being able to see what issues are collected in trades? This is the biggest thing for me as I’ve switched mostly from single issues to trades over the last few years. I find it important to see what issues a trade collects for many reasons so I don’t really want to lose that. If that is included now in Connect I probably will switch. For stuff like back-up stories, I think I’d just use the Notes section.

Yes, that is a desktop-only feature. This feature is so unknown and unpopular that it never made it to the Connect web-based software or the CLZ mobile app.

Huh. Surprised it’s unpopular, I’ve found it really handy. Oh well, never mind. Do you know if anyone uses any kind of work around for it on Connect? I remember back in the old days before the feature was added some people did something like put “#1-6” in the issue number box?

Maybe use the Variant Description box for that?

Ah, yes, I see what you mean. Thanks Alwin. I’m assuming that given it’s unpopular a similar feature won’t be added to Connect in future?

Edit: This might be a stupid question; if I switch from desktop to Connect, will that affect my Clz app subscription at all? While I scan comics in via the barcode scanner in the app, I’d edit/add details via the web page as I find it much easer.

In the near future, it’s unlikely. If we do, it would be in a different form, something that is a bit simpler and easier to use.

No, that will not affect your mobile app at all. You would keep using the CLZ Comics mobile app as you always did.

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Alwin, would it be possible to have my trial of Connect reset? I’d like to play around with it a bit before deciding if I want to make the switch or not as it’s been a while since I’ve used it. Cheers.

Sure, no problem, I removed your old trial now, so that you can start a new one.

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After playing around with Connect for half an hour or so I’ve gotta say I’m pretty impressed with how far its come. I’ll certainly switch over.

A quick question though; is there a way to show only issues that are listed as “in collection”, “wanted” or “for sale?” I couldn’t find it for the life of me.

I also noticed that even though I uncheck the “Show collection/wish list summaries for series” option in Settings and the “Save” notification came up, the option gets turned back on if I switch from one series to another. I tried turning off my browser’s ad blocker, but that didn’t appear to solve the issue.

As I mentioned I planned to do, I’m listing backup stories and issues included in trade collections in the Plot. It’s a decent workaround, but I think a dedicated field for it would be great, even if it’s not as “full” as the desktop version

Other than that, I’m really impressed with it. I’ll certainly use this an the app in conjunction.

Good to hear you are impressed with the Comic Connect software!

Just click this button and select from the dropdown. Similar to how the mobile app works:

There was a bug there indeed. This has been fixed now.

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Ah, I’d turned off the “Show bar with Collection Status and Alphabet filters” option which is why the All/In Collection/ etc options weren’t showing.

I’ve tried the “Show collection/wish list summaries for series” option at work and it seems to have worked, so I guess the issue is something to do with the browser on my personal computer. I’m using Firefox at home and Chrome at work, could this have something to do with it? I’m not sure what would need changing to overcome the issue. I don’t think any of the plug-ins I have would effect it, apart from the ad-blocker, but I did turn that off and the issue persisted.

No, there actually was a bug there. And we fixed it an hour ago.

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Awesome! I’ll complete my trade in this afternoon when I get home from work. :smile:

I am a long time User of Music Colletor (at least >10 Years or maybe 15 Years; don´t remember exactly) and tried Connect a few Years ago. Back in that time i was not convinced of it.
But i gave it another try yet and there has been a lot of improvement. I tried a little bit the last days and will try a few more Days, but i am very seriously considering to switch to connect.
Have to think about it a little bit more. You don´t easily give up Software which you have used for more than a Decade. :wink: