Color field in manual entry

I feel like I’m overlooking something basic here… I just input a comic and wanted to indicate that it is black-and-white. Is there a field for such a thing? I checked the manual; I must be glossing over a setting. Thx.

You didn’t miss anything.
Color is currently not a field you can input/edit in CLZ Comics I’m afraid!

Well, in the Desktop version, it is.

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But the question was for CLZ Comics, so I replied it couldn’t be edited, that’s why I posted what I posted!

But, you’re correct, indeed. It’s just one of the fields that never made it to Connect/Mobile app as a user field.

Yes, you’re right - the desktop version is actually called Comic Collector . I misread :crazy_face:

Any chance the Color field will be editable in future versions of the app and/or the online system?

It is currently not likely to make it as an editable field.
(I think it’s more probable the field might eventually go away to be honest)

Well, I have like 8900 Italian comics that are in black-and-white, so…

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What do you use the color / black/white field for?

Is it actually to browse your comics, then see “ah, this comic is in black and white”

Or do you group on the field often, to check how many you have in color, and how many in black/white?
(I understand that to post the above, you did actually check that).

Yes, to check how many in black-and-white or even mixed. Omitting the colour field wouldn’t be a big problem though as I can easily use a tag for this.

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