Combine 2 Games for Wii

Barbie: Fashionista Inc. (Core GameID: 61526) and Barbie: Jet, Set and Style (Core GameID: 48070) seems to be the same game, just German regional name.

I have a barcode that can be linked to the correct game (Jet, Set And Style): 4005209151610

So why should these be combined, while on the other hand you are also reporting different titles for games that should be split up?

Not sure which splitting request you’re talking about?
The Singstar split i requested are two separate games, with separate tracklists for each.

If you’re referring to the “US/JP/EU” splits, i’ve checked the Wiki Page and they state they release under different names in different main-regions.
They might also have a sub-regional names like german, norwegian and so on. but here i have not requested further splits, as it is the same game within the same main-region

I don’t mind splitting up games with regional names as separate games if that’s the policy :slight_smile:

Not sure which splitting request you’re talking about?

I see a lot of those from you here:

Yes, these are different names in each “main region” like US / EU / JP / AU
Then many games have separate “sub region” names within the same “main region” like Norwegian, German, Dutch, Danish, Spanish and so on.

Up until now i have tried to link these to the “Main Region” name, and not create a whole new game for it.
But if the policy is to also create new games per “sub region” i have no problem starting to create these.

Main regions or sub-regions, doesn’t matter.

This is all about making sure the user get the correct game title after scanning a barcode.

Thanks for that clarification :slight_smile:
I will start adding some games then.