Comic Collect and CLZ needed?

Stupid question… do I need comic connect (web version) if I only use the app?
If I lose comic connect does that mean by collection doesn’t link up to the cloud backup anymore?
Sorry I know it’s a dumb question but if I don’t need the web one I’m going to let it lapse so I can get a book connect app collection going for the first time! :slight_smile:

If you only use the app, Connect expiration won’t prevent cloud upload, it just constrains you to app-based-editing. You can’t edit from a browser, for example, or anywhere else except the mobile app.

If you never use the web-based Comic Connect software to add or edit comics, then you do not need a subscription for it.
You do not need a Comic Connect subscription for CLZ Cloud storage, syncing or for using the CLZ Cloud site to VIEW your collection. That is all on the house :slight_smile:


Ah okay. Thanks guys really appreciate the info!
I’ll have to really think about this as I want to get my storage box numbers in the app this year and that might be painful on the app vs desktop.

@Mel , do you know about Edit Multiple in the app? If not, may want to watch the tutorial. The developers used Series Group as the primary example in the video, but you can Edit Multiple pretty much every field. So if all of your Batman, Vol. 1 issues are in Box 15, you can select all of Batman, Vol. 1 and Edit all of them at once to have Storage Box 15. Or if every comic you bought in 2022 is in one box, you select those with Purchase Year of 2022 and change the storage box for just those.

Depending on how your collection is organized right now, that might help a lot.

You can see more about this feature in their tutorial:


I hadn’t thought of using edit multiple for that but good idea! Thanks so much!

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Way easier on the desktop app., I use both, but entering larger amounts of data, the desktop and a large screen/keyboard can’t be beat.

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We currently recommend the Comic Connect web-based software for that. It’s even easier than the desktop software :slight_smile:

I agree, I meant the desktop WEB based version :slight_smile: - so you can use a nice big monitor and keyboard and can switch from laptop to desktop at will

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