Comic Connect-Missing issue numbers not sorting coreclty

This just happened recently and I have been trying to get my previous display settings and sorting order with issue number and can’t seem to figure it out.
This is what I now see when I look at my collection, some of my books from comic connect are being displayed out of order. For example some of my 2001 a Space Odyssey (Awesome Kirby Art) is not displayed at the top of my list. This should be sorted as (0-9), then (A-Z). Also some issues have a # sign instead of the issue number in there listing.
Case in point Adventure Comics #425, just has a # instead of the issue number, as do many others. Please see screen shot below to show what I’m seeing.

What I’m seeing/What the problem is:
When I check your screenshot, to the top right, I see you have 158 comics without a Series (and perhaps even issue number).

Did you use “Edit Multiple” or something or Manage Pick List to remove series names at all?

It’s now fixed
I’ve taken the liberty to check out your collection and was able to update most of those comics without series/issue number, and they should be good now. Can you take another look?

1 book left:
Only the Akira book seems to be unlinked still. You can link it by selecting it, then click the little 3 dot menu above the comic details and select “Link Comic”.
Or just edit it and fill in the series name and issue number.

Thanks it now looks great! I did do some editing before this happened, user error!
I also fixed the Akira book.

Thanks for the help!

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