Comic counts do not match

When I look at my collection, it says I have 846 loaded so far. When I go to the stats, it says " 850 comics in 204 Series" and further down states " Purchase Price: removed, based on 850 comics

Cover Price: removed, based on 839 comics (Note that I removed the values).

Why do the numbers not line up? Hoping before I finish adding my comics to know the issue, so I can correct and not recreate it.


Do you have any with quantity greater than 1? If so, that could be the reason.

The count at the top is basically counting rows. It doesn’t take into account quantity.

The Statistics menu does factor in quantity (and also doesn’t count anything on your “wish list” or “not in collection”).

Hi @Robiton thanks for your message!

So 846 entries in your app, that is indeed like @Reinharc says.

The 850 bit in stats: Please note that the Statistics screen:

  • only shows items that are marked as “In Collection” or “For Sale”. It excludes “wish list” and “on order” items
    - takes the Quantity field into account.

I recommend checking your collection for items on wish list, or with Quantity set to something other than 1.

The 839 bit here means that you have 839 comics where you’ve entered a Purchase Price

Does that help explain it?

The comment about price does make sense, it is possible some I entered on the PC missed that. Is there a way to add that column to a view to find the ones missing purchase price?

Ran the duplicate check, and I seem to have 22, which is fine, but did make me think. The first 200 or so I entered on the PC and put in a QTY where I had duplicates, last night I was scanning on my phone and it asked if I wanted to add it as a new item. Could that be why the rows are higher?

Thank you both for the help so far, this makes sense with what you have said.

You can add columns indeed: Click this button on Connect to modify which columns are in view.

Note that if you have
Musketeers #1J twice (like 2 actual loose entries with quantity set to “1”). It will count it as 2 comics in total.

If you have
Doomsday Clock #3B once, but with quantity set to 4, then it will count that single entry as 4 comics in your stats.

Does that all make sense?

Nice, thank you. I think based on this, I have it all figured out now. Thanks guys, you all rock.