Comic Cover Images

I normally add new comics from the mobile app. The cover art is updated correctly both on the mobile app and web app. After syncing to the desktop software I get a several comics with no cover images. Then I have to update the image from core or manually add the image… after add say a hundred books it’s nuts adding 30 missing cover images. If the image is on the web app why does it not update to the desktop software.
Screenshot 2024-02-26 040854

Those images, are those automatic images from Core, or manually added Custom images?

BTW: I have to ask: if you have the Connect web-based software… why not stop there and just use that? (problem solved!)

Automatic from the core. Still old school with the desktop software and at the time had a deal to use all 3. May just use the web-based software going forward.

But if you use Update from Core, in one go on all recent additions, then the covers do come through?

Also, when you first sync on the desktop software after adding from mobile, do you get any failed downloads in the log at all?

That’s what’s strange, when I sync the desktop software after adding from the mobile all the issues are imported in with no problems. The images have an issue… so if I sync 30 issues from the mobile, all 30 are imported but 10 covers will be missing. I will select all 10 issues and select update from core and it will update say 5 covers. Then I will manually add the remaining 5 issues with custom art.

Can you add like 30 issues on mobile now. Then perform the sync.

Then check if they’re all in Connect.

Then, perform sync on Desktop, and do not close the sync screen - but scroll through the log, and see if there’s any errors?

I had a similar experience over the weekend when I added a bunch of comics (30 to 50). I added via the mobile app, then synced to desktop (no web interface for me), did not have any errors and I noticed a small handful I had to “Get data from Core” to get the images on the desktop.
I assumed it was something I did wrong, so did not think more of it until I saw this post.
I have a bunch more to still add (200ish I think), so I’ll pay more attention and see if I can add any info as well.

I scanned in 38 comics tonight (Witchblade, Gen 13, Daredevil, Wolverine: Origins, X-23, Catwoman) using the mobile app. (Auto sync turned on.)
I then opened the desktop app and clicked the Sync button in the top tool bar (Positioned below the “L” in the menu option “Loans”).
Had 38 Cloud changes to be downloaded.
Clicked the Sync Changes button.
Most were entries into the DB, a few were updates. (Screen caps are beginning of log and end of log.)
Checked all the new entries (I think, still trying to figure out a way to sort by Date Added – edit Found it! --), and all the cover art work was there tonight. I’ll keep trying, but will only post if I find errors.

Thanks for posting that, indeed if it does happen, this log might show us some information on a hickup or something else. Thanks for keeping an eye on it.

Good to hear you found a way to sort by Date Added :slight_smile:

I going to upload about 30-40 comics to test again tomorrow night. Thanks for all the post.