Comics disappeared from my collection

I have a few different collections on my CLZ Comic App. I checked in on my DC list recently to find that a load of comics are missing - maybe about 5-10% of my collection has just dropped off the face of the Earth! Is there anyway to recover? I’m worried it’s going to keep happening as well.

In the app, maybe you have a search active, or a collection status filter?

Check the top right of the app, does it show a search box there with and old search that you may have done earlier? If so, tap the “x” on the far right of that box to clear that search

Collection status filter:
In the top bar of the app, check the 2nd button from the top right. Is that a brightly colored button, e.g. yellow, or green, or red? That indicates that you have a collection status filter active. To disable the filter, tap that button and select “All” from the dropdown menu.

Can you please let me know if that worked or not?

If it did not work, can you show me a full screenshot of the app’s main screen on your device?

Thanks for the reply, those haven’t worked. I have tried searching for series I know are missing and have logged in online and they are missing there as well. I know for example I should have Y: The Last Man, Wonder Woman by Perez, Watchmen and others here that I can’t find.

I see you have 4 collection tabs, did you check them all for the missing comics?

Hi Alain, yes I’ve checked the other collections and made sure they have no filters as well.

I do see Wonder Woman Vol. 2 in your cloud data.
Also, 13 different Watchmen series.

I also checked your CLZ Cloud delete log. I see 9 comics were deleted from your account in 2024 and another 3 comics in 2023.
So no big bulks of comics were removed.

In general, it is hard to investigate things like this. I can tell you for sure that our app does not spontaneously delete comics from your collection.

Thanks for looking into it. I think it will remain a mystery. All I can see is a fair chunk of comics have disappeared probably before 2021. Maybe it’s something I had done accidentally those years ago.

Could it be that you switched to a different phone around that time?

What sometimes happens is that users switch to a new phone, without updating their cloud first from the old phone.
So when they downsync on the new phone, they get an incomplete database, missing their latest additions.