Comics Disappearing When Switching Series

This has started happening the past few days, and I can’t figure out if I accidentally changed something or what, but it’s frustrating.

When I first load Comic Connect, it will show whatever series I am in, and as long as I stay within series that start with the same letter, the issues for that series will load. However, when I switch to a different letter, no issues will load for any title I click on.

The number of issues and the Covrprice value at the top of the window will update when I change series, so it’s recognizing that something is there, but it’s not displaying them. In the yellow “directory” bar at the top of the window I can even click off whatever series or letter I am trying to view to go back to an unfiltered list, and it will show everything again (or if I refresh the window). Also, if I click on the “All” button a the top and just scroll down the list to whatever series I want, it will show them that way - seems to be just an issue when switching to view series by a specific letter.

I’ve attached a link to a video to show what is occurring: Comics Not Showing

We were able to reproduce this problem and are looking into it. I’ll reply back here later!

@zoobari this should now be fixed. Can you try again?

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@CLZ_AJ Yep, working as it should be now - thanks!

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@CLZ_AJ Hey there, noticed this issue popping up again, but this time it only happens when I edit the Name or Sort Name of a series. If I do that, then switch to another series that starts with the same letter, no issues will show.

I can switch to another letter, and issues will show for any series I select, but even if I go back to the letter of the series I was originally editing, no issues will show for any series until I completely reload the website.

That is indeed a different “in” to do this.

I was able to reproduce the problem on my side by editing the series name directly from the series folder panel. We’re looking into this and I will get back when it’s fixed, thanks again for reporting.

Got any other places you found this to happen? :slight_smile:

None so far! If I come across any other situations where it occurs, I will definitely let you know. Thanks for the quick response/fix with the first one - great work!

Alright, this should now also be fixed, give it a whirl!

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Working correctly now, thanks!

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