Configuring Dates for “Statistics” Function

In channeling my inner stats nerd, I’ve bumped into a minor bother in the CLZ Books’ capability to align the dates that a book literally enters my collection versus the point at which I add a book to the “Wish List” category.

I make extensive use of the Wish List feature to inform my inevitable binge-buying. I’ve found that the CLZ Books application defaults to the date the title is entered into the app and cannot be adjusted (“Added Date”). You can include the purchase date by entering it into the appropriate box on the “Personal” tab (which I do…), but the chronology of the book purchases denoted by the application defaults to the date added in the Wish List (or, presumably, the first category in which the book is recorded into the application…).

As I initially wrote, this is a very minor inconvenience, but use of the “Added Date” for the Wish List ultimately defeats the functionality of the “Statistics” tool in terms of accurately illustrating when a book actually enters my collection. I frequently use the Statistics feature to review recent purchases, so to address this anomaly, I’ll ultimately end up deleting the original Wish List entry and reentering the title from scratch as a new purchase…

Has anyone developed a work-around for this quandary? Or does Alwin have any spare magic (or advice…)?

Love this app and use it literally every day! Thanks for the great work CLZ Team.


The Added date indeed shows exactly when a book entered into your app - we’ve gotten requests before to change the “Added date” if the book changes from Wish List (or Not in Collection, or On Order) to “In Collection” - but I’m not sure if that’s something you always want.

Do you actually also enter the “Purchase Date”?

If so, you can of course also in your main list of books (not Statistics), tap the AZ sort button, and then sort by Purchase Date! Is that something you’ve tried before?

In any case, your suggestion is definitely on the ideas list here!

Thanks for the response, AJ! I do indeed actively use the Purchase Date to sort my collection, as well. I just really appreciate the presentation and ease of use with the Statistics function. It just doesn’t feel like a book is “in” my collection unless I own or have actively ordered it. Having the ability to adjust the Added Date would be a very useful function. Thanks for considering!

Another idea might be if we add “Purchase Date” as a statistic, would that also be cool? I’m not sure about actually making the “Added Date” an editable field (I still have “change added date if collection status changes to “in collection”” on the ideas list from this topic though)

From my perspective, having the app change the “Added Date” to match the “Purchased” date would absolutely solve the issue. Adding “Purchased” date as a statistic is an interesting idea… Then I could track how long I coveted a title before actually buying the book… :thinking:

Thanks for the follow-up!