Conflict of EAN for as tears go by and 2046 4k


For 4020628644949, as tears go by, I found the wrong covers, which I corrected by upload. However, from the wrongly added covers for 2046 it seems, that 2046 4k uses the same EAN. Please check, if these two different movies conflict.



Can you show pics of the backsides of both movies to show they indeed have the same barcode?

When googling the above barcode, I only get As Tears go by

Someone uploaded covers for 2046, the 4k amaray edition. From the back cover I saw it’s the same EAN. I uploaded covers for as tears go by. Wanted to let you know, that there’s a potential conflict for these two editions.

How did you upload those?

I just uploaded the correct ones via the mobile app, update core button. Here’s the wrong back cover as well as my upload.

Are you referring to the Submit to Core feature?

Yes, sorry, meant that feature.

Just curious, how did you find out the back cover of 20248 showed the same barcode?

Well, I was surprised to find a cover for 2046, when updating to core. I was actually checking, whether I could remove the custom flag for my covers. Closer inspection revealed the same EAN. So I wanted to let you know that someone tries to create a profile for this other movie.

Okay so this barcode is also in Core for that other movie?

Sorry I am really confused now :slight_smile:

I will look into this tomorrow when I am at a computer.

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I see, I did not explain it well. It’s late, I guess :sweat_smile:

I own as tears go by, same EAN. Today I checked for a couple of movies, if I still need the custom image flag. So I update core, which reveals the covers in core vs my local ones. (I don’t update of course, just check) For this profile, as tears go by, someone exchanged the cover to 2046.
I don’t know whether there’s profile for 2046 with this EAN already, as I don’t own this specific edition. But these covers are wrong for this specific profile.

I hope that makes sense.

Thank you!

In our Core, that barcode is listed under the movie “As Tears Go By”, with the image below. I checked the 2046 movies but that barcode is not listed there.

I really cannot find a problem here, all seems to be okay.

It’s correct now! We’re the covers exchanged recently? Otherwise I’d check for some issue with my database I guess. It was a different cover yesterday. Now the back cover is identical to my custom image.

Anyway, it’s correct now! Thanks!