Core Region Auto Fill

I might have missed something, but earlier I could choose between US and EU Core Region when adding games.

Now I don’t find this option, and all gets added as US region.

Might be intended. But I’d like an easy way to move my collection to eu

Are you adding by barcode or by title?

Both barcode and title.
The correct region normally gets detected, but core region is set to US even for EU games.

Even pricecharting id is correctly EU

If you add by Barcode, you get the correct Region from the barcode. The barcode is either US, or EU, or AU, or JP, etc…

If you add by Title, there is now a Default US and Default EU edition. Choosing these will give you a region US or EU entry.

The region gets correctly set.
However “Core Region” is set as US.

Not sure if it even matters.