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Are the data in the Country- and Language-fields pulled from IMDb? I’m asking because I’ve noticed that those fields can contain multiple values on IMDb but in CLZ Movies only one value. As a result some movies I consider to be English are tagged with another Language. If possible, maybe you could make those fields multi-valued?

Country and Language for the movie are indeed pulled from IMDb. We only use the main country/language, and not all the extra countries the movie was recorded/other languages spoken in the movie.

I’ve taken note of your idea.

Thanks for the answer.

I don’t know how the app “knows” which the main language is when multiple values is listed on IMDb or if IMDb somehow have an internal rank, but I became aware of the difference between CLZ and IMDb when I noticed that some movies had a minor language tagged instead of the main language.

I suspect that CLZ doesn’t pull the main language when several languages are listed. Could of course be an IMDb issue as well.

As an example, I’ve looked up some of my movies and found this:

  1. The Northman (2022) has Ukrainan as Language in CLZ, on IMDb the Language (listed in this order) is English, Norse, Old, Ukrainan.

  2. Hancock (2008) has Vietnamese as Language in CLZ, on IMDb the Language (listed in this order) is English, Japanese, Vietnamese

  3. Red Sparrow (2018) has Hungarian as Language in CLZ, on IMDb the Language (listed in this order) is English, Russian, Hungarian

CLZ should have pulled English as the main language for all these movies but didn’t.

@CLZ_Martin can you check these out to see if we got the wrong language for these examples from IMDb?

I just talked with my colleague Martin, and it seems The Northman and Hancock were already correct in our online database, coming from IMDb.

Red Sparrow did not have English as main language, but we fixed that when we imported the new data from IMDb.

So if you were to add Red Sparrow now, it will add with English as language.

Northman and Hancock might’ve been fixed via IMDb update on our side at a later point after you added them. But… the mobile CLZ Movies app can not use Update from Core to replace the language (the setting to replace just doesn’t exist).

You could use Edit Multiple to remove the language from all movies, then use Update from Core on all movies to get up2date Core language information.

The update from Core and replace Language is possible through Movie Connect though, if you have that.

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And feel free to report bad languages through our Core error forums, and we can check and fix them if they’re wrong!

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Thanks for the help. From now on i’m gonna keep an extra eye on the Language field directly when I add a movie :slightly_smiling_face: Easier to correct errors that way instead of having to go through the whole collection :smile:

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