Cover Art Needs A Web Search Option

I used to use another collection app before moving to CLZ and one neat feature it had when adding/editing items in the list was the search for front/back cover art had an option to search the internet from within the app.

Using the camera and getting it from my phone’s files is fine, but trying to line up the cover perfectly to snap a pic can be tricky with lighting and angles of the camera/movie and getting the file from my phone either requires me to search on the internet on my phone and save the image THEN have to go into the app to get it or search it on my PC and send it to my phone.

It’s not a deal-breaker in any way, more of a quality of life improvement since it’s not an option that would be used all the time, but it sure would make things more simple.

Just a thought.

First, for movies and their DVD/Blu-ray/4K release, you should be getting the cover art automatically. Do you often need to add your own?

What you are referring to is what we call the “Find Cover Online” feature, which is currently only available in the Movie Connect web-based software, not the mobile app.

Oh, yeah, cover art usually shows up with no problem, but every once in a while I’ll find something missing because of its rarity or someone has uploaded an image with them holding the movie in their hand or they’ve taken a picture of the wrong cover for the version in the database.