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In the recent past I used to get up to 50 images when doing an online search for album covers / artist pics. In the last few months it now only returns up to 10 images which dramatically reduces the success rate. Is there a way of increasing the search number or is this the new normal ?

We recently switched the Find Covers online tool to always use Google Images search. The results from the previous engine (Bing Images) were so dramatically bad, that they were almost useless.

The Google Images are much much better, especially if you do pure barcode searches. We are using Google Images internally to replace cover images with barcode searches and it never fails to produce the correct image.

But yes, Google Images returns only 10 results, whereas Bing always returned 40 images.

If you don’t find what you were looking for, try tweaking the search keywords, that makes a huge difference. If you keep having problems, please post some example searches that produce bad results.
In general, my main tip is: search by barcode, that is, by barcode only.

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Thanks Alvin…I can see how barcodes will be more precise for physical media. As well as cataloguing physical I also do same for a lot of digital, both downloads and streams. I also like the backdrop to be an image of the artist and 10 results is rarely enough. No worries I will just use chrome directly to get the required results.

Thanks for the prompt response and explanation.

No problem at all.
My offer still stands: if you can show me some problem searches, I can take a look and maybe suggest better search keywords.