Covrprice alternative for collected editions?

Hey I’m struggling with the fact that covrprice rarely has market value data for collected editions, hardcovers and trade paperbacks. More than half my collection is in collected HC/TPB format and I don’t have any ‘covrprice’ values for pretty much any of them only the ‘Cover Price’ RRP value. Is there an alternative tool that works for collected editions like covrprice does for singles?

Thank you :pray:

Stephen - Yeah sorry we have not been focusing on collected works over at CP. Its a lot to wrangle with the floppy comics and magazines. Couple of things for you:

  1. If you have/find a collected work that tends to go for a notable premium over the cover price, let us know and we’ll add it to the database and do our best to add sales. That’s the exception to our rule right now on collected works.

  2. My general guidance to other folks who have collected works in their CLZ collections is to use the cover price for the value. That’s pretty close most of the time and can help you get a general sense of your collection’s value without the CP valuations.

I am unaware of a collection management/price guide solution out there that focuses on collected works and does a good job of accurately pricing them - but if you find one I’d love to take a look and see if we can learn anything from them.

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Thank you so much for your considered reply. This is informative and helpful. I have already been using the ‘Cover Price’ info for insurance purposes so do find that very useful. With regards to market pricing for collected editions I simply tend to use and Facebook marketplace to see what they are going for. Is there somewhere you’d recommend I capture this info when I find it?

Thanks again!


If you see something that is out of line with the cover price (on the high end), feel free to email us at . Other than that, CLZ seems like a great place to track collected work values generally since you can add your own information/research.