CovrPrice integration ideas

One of my goals this summer is to look more closely at the CP values. I have some thoughts on a couple of Folders that might help with that project.

I’ll start by saying that as a rule I’m pleased with the blue values from CP. I think the validity of the gray values depends largely on whether it’s gray because it’s older or gray because my copy is Fine but I’m getting the NM value.

At last look, I was seeing values for 81% of my comics. My plan was to go through and begin assigning values to ones that are missing. I’m thinking there could be benefit in the following:

A MyValue populated folder (with just a Yes/No option)
A CovrPrice status folder, with the following options:

  • Blue value
  • Gray value
  • Linked with no value
  • Not linked

That would first allow me to look at the 19% of my comics that aren’t showing a CP value and more quickly determine if it’s linked with no value or not linked. If I find a comic that is not linked, I could first double check CP to see if it’s there and report it if it is. Then, for all comics that are not linked or linked with no value, I could add an appropriate MyValue. I could also look at the gray value and determine if I think it’s appropriate and add a MyValue as needed (in particular for gray values that are a result of the most common condition).

But, I’m thinking about what happens when I start adding MyValue data and then eventually that comic gets linked and gets a blue value coming from CP. I’d like to be able to then delete that MyValue data when that happens and let the CP value take over.

If both of those suggested filters existed, then periodically I could check the MyValue Populated “Yes” combined with the CovrPrice status Blue and purge the MyValue.

I could also check the CovrPrice status Gray combined with the MyValue Populated “No” folder to see if any values recently went stale and maybe needed a more current MyValue added.

Does that seem reasonable? Is there a better way to approach that?

First tip: in Comic Connect, in the List View, you can have separate columns for CovrPrice Value and My Value, and sort on them separately.