Covrprice & Not in Collection/Wanted

After Christmas, i picked up a tablet and Marvel Unlimited. Ive been reading lots of comics that i don’t own physical copies of and I’ve become interested in tracking them. It occured to me that i could add digital reads in CLZ as ‘Not in Collection’.

I am also considering adding a Covrprice sub.

  1. Will CP values show for NIC items and be included in the overall collection value?

  2. Similar question for items marked as Wanted.

  3. What is the default CP value if no grade is entered in CLZ?

Yes, CovrPrice values WILL show.
But they will NOT be counted in the overall value.

When no grade is entered, CP will give you their value for the Most Common Grade.

Have you considering putting your digital reads in a separate collection tab, so that you can completely separate them for your physical comics?

I had thought of that but if I want a singular total count of all reads (physical+digital) then I would end up duplicating adds into two collections. Since I havent started using CP (and it’s really still only a curiosity), I think it would be easied to use IC/NIC in the same collection. I just wondered what the impact would be if I did add CP. I suppose i could always mass move NIC to a new collection later if i wanted a true IC CP total value.

I would certainly NOT recommend to duplicate entries. Either keep them together or separate them.

So back to one of my original questions. Does CLZ list CP values for things with status=NIC or Wish List?

Yes it will show those, but they will not count to your totals.

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